Bow Services and Routine Maintenance

Available for Violin, Viola, Cello and Upright Bass

Bow Service and Maintenance for Symphony Strings Music Co. Bow Rehairs for Violin Viola and Cello


  • Mongolian - most common and best for student bow
  • Stallion - offers more grip and resilience for the professional player or for a musician who plays/practices multiple hours a day
  • Chestnut - extra grip and a little more harsh to hold up to extensive playing. Best used for fiddling or mariachi playing where several strings or chords need to be played at once.
  • Black - most common for upright bass but can be used on occasion for cello bows. Black hair is the most coarse and will offer the most grip possible. Not recommended for violin, as the coarseness will tear apart and wear down violin/viola strings.
  • Salt n' Pepper - Blend of Mongolian Hair and Black hair. Can be used for Cello or Upright Bass Bows. Will offer more grip than the Mongolian, without the excessive coarseness on the strings.

DROP OFF & TIME FRAME - Bow rehairs may be dropped off during regular shop hours Tuesday - Saturday. The repair is completed over the weekend (Sunday/Monday) and will be ready for pickup on Tuesday/Wednesday.

LOANER BOW - If you only have one bow and would like to add on a "Loaner Bow" you may do so for an additional $5 charge. This is a charge added to your bow rehair for the duration of the repair; Not a daily charge.


ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Pricing will vary dependent on condition, service and materials. For more information bring your bow into shop for further inspection. 
  • Replace bow grip
  • Replacement of winding on bow
  • Replace/Repair Bone Tip
  • Recamber wooden stick on bow
  • New frog replacement & fitting
  • Bow screw adjustments or replacements
  • Ferrel adjustments or replacements

If you do not see a bow service listed that you are in need of, you may call the shop to find out more information or bring in bow for inspection.