Instrument Repair Services

Available for Violin, Viola, and Cello


Instrument Repair Services for Violin Viola and Cello at Symphony Strings Music Co


Attention: Due to the nature of different repairs needed based on damages, as well as instruments made, repair estimates and evaluations will only be completed in person. No exceptions will be made.


Services Offered Include: Pricing will vary dependent on service and instrument. See in shop for more details. 

  • Instrument Tuning
  • String Installation; Individual and Sets available. (Note: String install in included with all strings purchased from Symphony Strings Music Co.)
  • Bridge Adjustments on crown and/or feet.
  • New bridge replacements; Option of student or professional.
  • Open seams reglue for ribs, top and back plates
  • Crack repairs including cleats for ribs, top and back plates
  • Nut & Saddle Adjustments or Replacements
  • Peg Extraction & replacements
  • Peg fitting and/or adjustments for New or Existing pegs
  • Endpin Extraction
  • Endpin replacements and/or fittings
  • Chinrest replacements; Woods, Center, Side, Hypo-Allergenic Etc.
  • Fingerboard reglue
  • Soundpost Reset
  • Soundpost Adjustments and or Replacements
  • Instrument Cleaning; routine, excessive

    Time-frame - Most general repairs will have a minimum of a 2-day turnaround and can be completed in that time. For multiple repairs and/or extensive repairs we will provide an estimate based on both the work needed in addition to existing repairs already "in-line".