Instrument Evaluation

Available for Violin, Viola, and Cello

Instrument Wellness Evaluation for Violin Viola and Cello at Symphony Strings Music Co.


We will look over and check for any signs of damage, wear and tear, and/or any parts needing replacement and/or maintenance. Parts to be looked over and examined will include:

  • String replacements
  • Bridge; warping, placement and string height
  • Open seams; ribs, top and back plates
  • Cracks; ribs, top and back plates
  • Nut & Saddle;
  • Fittings: Tailpiece & Chinrest or Endpin
  • Pegs; fitting and ease of tuning
  • Fingerboard; warping, dressing and reglue
  • Soundpost; correct fit and placement
  • Instrument Cleaning; routine, excessive
  • Bow(s); Rehair, new grip, and/or repair

Total/Recommended Estimate - After thorough inspection we will go through all our findings and let you know the 'necessary' estimate (for the instrument to be playable) as well as our recommended estimate (for optimal play-ability and best performance). In addition we will also provide you with an estimated time frame based on each quote for the instrument(s).

Charge - For and Instrument Evaluation, there is a $19.99 charge (plus tax)  per instrument. Appointments are STRONGLY recommended to ensure the appropriate staff member is there to assist you.


 You may book your Instrument Wellness Evaluation Here!