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Rental Pricing: Advanced Violin


Sizes Offered for Advanced Violin Rentals:   4/4

Instrument Rentals Include:

  • Violin complete w/ Pirastro Tonica Strings, Composite Tailpiece with 4 Fine-Tuners, Ebony Fittings, and our SSMC professional set-up to ensure proper playability.  
  • SSMC Bow with Mongolian Horse Hair
  • Protective oblong case with zipper closure, space for 4 bows, and large compartment for accessories.

Advanced Rental Benefits:

In addition to our regular rental benefits, you can look forward to these upgrades.


Experience quicker response, warmer tone and rounded sound with Pirastro Tonica strings, a rapid new favorite!


Larger and more protective, these wooden shell oblong cases compliment our advanced instruments very nicely.


More bench-time spent on an instrument, means a cleaner, and more precise tone. Musicians will benefit from more clarity and projection with less work for their solos and competitions.


Monthly Payment Breakdown:
    Base Rental Rate -   $35.00
    Protection Plan - $5.99
    TOTAL  - $44.37 (Including Texas Sales Tax)