Rental Pricing: Violin

Sizes Offered for Violin Rentals:   1/16, 1/10, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 4/4

Instrument Rentals Include:

  • Violin complete w/ D'addario Prelude Strings, Composite Tailpiece with 4 Fine-Tuners, Ebony Fittings, and our SSMC professional set-up to ensure proper playability.  
  • SSMC Bow with Mongolian Horse Hair
  • Protective case with zipper closure, space for 2 bows, and compartment for accessories.

Rental Benefits:


A quality instrument is only as good as its set up. This is why our shop has trained professionals who are more than well versed, in set-up and adjustments.


All fittings on the instrument are of proper quality and authenticity, including real Mongolian horsehair bows! Quality tools and materials will ensure musicians have the best chance at reaching their full potential and accentuate their talent.


This assures each instrument is in optimal playing condition before, while, and after your rental period.


Monthly Payment Breakdown:
    Base Rental Rate -   $25.00
    Protection Plan - $5.99
    TOTAL  - $33.55 (Including Texas Sales Tax)