Violin Sizing Page

VIOLIN: How to Measure Your Arm Length

  • Extend left arm to the side of your body. Be sure arm if straight and parallel to the ground.
  • Place the tape measure in the center of the palm and extend to the neck.
  • Notate measurements in inches and see chart below.




  • Do not extend your arm in front of you, it must be to your side.
  • Do not bend elbow! We don't need any wiggly arms!

*Bending your arm, or bringing your arm to the front will cause your measurements and overall instrument size to be incorrect. This could lead to the musician being uncomfortable with an instrument that is either too small, or too large.



Note: If you are in between sizes, it is strongly recommended to choose the smaller instrument.

          14"   =   1/16 Violin
       15.5"   =   1/10 Violin
          17"   =   1/8 Violin
       18.5"   =   1/4 Violin
          21"   =   1/2 Violin
           22"  =   3/4 Violin
           23"  =   4/4 Violin